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Founded in January 2016, Insight Advisory Group (IAG) is an independent research and training center based in Washington, D.C. providing risk assessment, political, and economic consulting services. In addition, IAG offers professional training programs for emerging leaders in a wide range of sectors, including politics, energy, health, and arts and culture.

IAG examines geopolitical developments in the MENA region, and advises decision-makers in both the Middle East and the United States about relevant risks and opportunities in the political, economic, and oil and gas sectors. IAG partners with Orient Research Centre, a think tank located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with an affiliated center in Gaziantep, Turkey.

The team at IAG includes experts with deep understandings of international relations, American politics, and the political and economic situation in the Middle East. IAG uses a multi-disciplinary methodology to provide substantive views on key events and themes in the form of daily briefs, weekly videos, and research papers. Through its many products, IAG offers informed insights through a regional lens, publishing many products in both Arabic and English.

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Oil and Gas 95%
Washington Alleys 89%
Washington Debates 97%
Middle East Briefing 90%